Classic Agrovet Limited established in 2009. It’s a fast growing agrochemicals company in Bangladesh. Dealing in Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Acaricides, Plant micro-nutrients. It is committed to producing quality crops to ensure better health of the nation. The increasing human population confronts agriculture with unprecedented challenges. More food of higher nutritional contain will be needed to feed the anticipated population. It’s aim to achieve sustainability to utilizing better chemicals to add nutritional value to crops for the benefit of the diverse human population. Collectively, plant foods contain most minerals, macro-nutrients (calories) and micro-nutrients essential for human nutrition. These plant foods also contain a range of bio-active compounds that can play important roles in the prevention of chronic diseases of human. So, to ensure human health, everybody should need to apply better chemicals in crop land. We are working in the way to develop sustainable agricultural growth and maintain food security.

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